The Trump Budget – 2018

The Trump Budget – 2018

If you are raving about the latest budget proposal issued by Donald Trump, like much of the news media, then here is your chance to analyze the actual budget.  Take 30 minutes away from reading all of the reports, analysis, and media that surround the release of the new budget, and actually read some of it yourself. I know it is not the most exciting read, but if you scroll down the actual numbers of the budget are presented.

Many of the discussions that I have had or have observed, in both liberal and conservative media, about this budget have only outlined half of the truth of what the numbers actually mean.  This is a good chance to see what the budget looks like, before it makes its way through the Senate and House for approval (it will be unrecognizable after that).

I will not include my personal opinions and analysis on the budget, because that would defeat the entire purpose of this post, but I urge that anyone that might be reading this should read the budget and make their own conclusions about the content.  Then, you can accurately compare and contrasts these thoughts, with that of the news media.  Create an opinion before the media creates it for you!


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