Yep, that oddity of human existence in that photo right there, with the poop emoji on his head, that is me and that picture perfectly describes most of my experiences of life as an adult to be.

My name is Brandon Kasl, a Senior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, studying Business Economics.I have participated in International Model UN, as well as leadership conferences and meetings with Congressional members  in D.C.  I hope someday to enter the political arena, and want to do everything I can now, to establish a system of representation that will allow us to thrive, as well as, help the people of the world, when that time comes. Listen to me, or don’t, but always continue to seek truth through knowledge and challenge pre-existing views.

All around me, I see new sites, social media, forums, blogs, that are trying to tell me how to think and what to feel about certain things that happen in the world.  Sometimes the story is half told, and others are speculated into mass confusion over the real truth.  I am not going to be able to tell you about the real truths of things that happen in a city that I am yet to be too familiar with.

Born and bread in Lincoln Nebraska, born right into a very conservative household was populated by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Team as if they were paying rent. As i have grown older, my views have deviated away from the standard set of conservative opinions, with a group of friends that have been know to dance on the edges of the far left.  These opposing forces have forged my views into what they are; settling somewhere in the middle of Liberal and Conservative, depending on the topic. To add to the tossed salad of my political views, I will only allow myself to get a certain amount of news from each side of the political spectrum; start the day with New York Times, The hit the Wall Street Journal, catch Rush in the afternoon, maybe stick around for some Hannity, the catch up with Fox News, CNN, and the internet sites at night.  Obviously with work and school, this schedule is not possible everyday, but I do my best to be current and read as much of the news media, as well as read the actual budgets and bills that are presented before Congress, to reach my conclusions on core issues, but I don’t want to bore you with more of that. I want to help anyone out there interested in listening to some random guy on the internet, to be able to understand and analyze the big jumble of what has become of the political, news, and cultural environments.

I am not the most intelligent guy to ever take to the blog, and probably wont blow you mind with new insights that change the world.  My writing will keep it honest, clear, and exclude most of my very personal views, while I challenge the opinions of both sides of the political, social, and cultural aisles.  My life is a constant balancing act of strong opinions and polarized absolutes from the people that exist in my world.  This blog is my response to those direct absolutes that will strive to provide worldly insight and basic challenges to popular opinions — if there is such a thing anymore.